Eastland Gardens Flower Club Celebrates 53 Years

June 20, 2009: The rejuvenated Eastland Gardens Flower Club, the first African-American garden club in metropolitan Washington DC, celebrated its 53rd anniversary with an homage to its founder Mrs. Rhuedine G. Davis. Mrs. Davis was on Lady Bird Johnson's committee for the "beautifying" (today we'd call it "greening") of Northeast Washington and worked tirelessly in the Eastland Gardens community. The celebration occurred under a steady rain at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, but during the proceedings the storm passed and we had a sunny interlude to see the water lilies, lotus and Kenilworth Marsh.

Violinist Danielle Davis performed for the assembly:

Zerline A. Hughes gave the welcome and Erman T. Clay, Sr., discussed the history of the club; Mr. Clay regularly presided at the installation of club officers when it was a women's club:

Club president Javier Barker recognized special guests and thanked those who organized the event; Delores Crim-Neal spoke about club founder Rhuedine G. Davis, whom she had known:

The program closed with a recitation of the club's Gardener's Creed:
The club history display:
The hats of early club members (Mrs. Davis's on the left):
A luncheon followed the meeting:

Canada geese in the rain:


District 1 Director David Healy and NCAGC 2d Vice President Babs McClendon pause at the end of the boardwalk into Kenilworth Marsh.

This view of Kenilworth Marsh is looking west towards the Anacostia River which is hidden by the distant trees. The river of brown plants are nuphar, which are believed to be the ancestor of both water lilies and lotus.
Two bees on pickerelweed blossom and a dragonfly:


Smoky Bracket (Bjerkandera adjusta) on a decomposing tree:
Red-winged blackbird and an osprey:

A turtle:
Photos by Bill Dean.