District 1 Hosts State Fall Meeting

September 22, 2009: Charles Wilts, in association with Claymore C. Sieck Wholesale Florist, presented a program on practical flower arranging for the everyday enjoyment of flowers at the fall meeting of National Capital Area Garden Clubs, Inc. While making arrangements, Wilts gave tips on the care and handling of flowers, including reviving drooping roses by given them a bath in warm water and using a little Chlorox to get Gerber daisies to stand up straight.

His first arrangement was based on flowers from a typical retail assortment. His second "Georgetown arrangement" combined small tight bouquets of single-type flowers together into one arrangement. [Right click on individual photographs for a larger view in another window].

His finale was the creation of complementary arrangements in three nesting baskets, which could be combined into one towering arrangement for a buffet table and later separated into individual arrangements for display throughout one or more rooms.

At the end of the business meeting, the five arrangements were raffled as door prizes!

District 1 hosted the luncheon following the state meeting. Thirteen clubs donated salads, sandwiches and desserts. The District 1 board provided coffee and tea. Charmane Truesdell created a charming fall arrangement for the luncheon buffet table.