Our Trip to Nemours

Wilmington DE, May 23, 2010:  District I's bus trip to Nemours was generally well received.  There was rain on and off but not when it really counted. Participants were divided into small groups for the mansion tour and each received a flower on the way in.  The Nemours horticulturist addressed those who walked the gardens. Those who later toured the garage received a bottle of Nemours water.

Lunch followed at the nearby Dupont Country Club. 

Heavy traffic on I-95 southbound prevented the planned visit to Draycott Gardens.
The docents continue the tradition of Alfred DuPont's third wife who greeted all guests with a fresh flower.  Here flowers are received an Arleen and her sister Betty:

--photos above by Carolyn Fichtel.
The parterres:
The English gates on the east of the mansion.

The Catherine the Great gates to the west gardens: 

 Some toured the French style gardens on foot.  Others by bus.  The Nemours horticulturist addressed those walking the gardens.

 The DuPonts actually used the main fountain pool for recreation.

A tulip poplar in bloom.


A late lunch at Dupont Country Club:
 --above photos by Michael Giese.