Membership Drive at Behnke's Garden Day

Beltsville, MD, June 4, 2011: Goddard Garden Club hosted the District I table to promote membership in NCAGC clubs at the first annual Behnke's Garden Day at Behnke's Garden Center. Arleen Ankeney chaired this colorful event, assisted by Goddard members Christine Hambach, Joan Borchers and Charmane Truesdell. District I's hot pink and lime green theme was taken from NCAGC's "Save the Azalea" tote bags, which District I distributed for donations of $5 or more. They were joined by District IV Director Bette Lewis, who answered questions about District IV clubs.

From left: Charmane Truesdell, Arleen Ankeney, District I Director David Healy, District IV Director Bette Lewis and Christine Hambach: